Milton Instruments

Digital Microscope Series, MMD

Milton Digital Binocular Microscopes are suitable for Quality Assurance, Laboratories, Education and all other routine work in all areas of microscopy.
Milton Digital Microscope is ideal for education field where students, scientists can view the images and save them for further studies and records.
Our Digital Microscopes serves perfectly in various applications like Stained tissue sections in medicine, Unstained cells in phase contrast in medicine and biology, Plant stem cross sections in botany, Extremely fine structures like diatoms in dark field in biology, and Examination and analysis of germs and bacteria in field work.
Milton Digital Microscope has built-in digital camera of 1.3MP. With the Micro-image process software live video can be seen on PC screen and images can be previewed, measured, compared, counted, saved in JPG, BMP files.


Digital Microscope- MMD2-40-100-400-1000

  • Sharp image over a wide field of view
  • Elegant design with quadruple nosepieces
  • DIN Acromatic objective with oil immersion lense
  • In-built camera for image viewing and saving
  • Micro-image process software to measure and compare
  • LED illuminations
  • Applied in biology, bacteriology, cytology and pharmacology
  • Ideal in clinical examinations and teaching in education sector
Models Model- MMD2-40-100-400-1000
40x to 1000x
45mm DIN Acromatic4X,10X,40X(S),100X(S,Oil)
WF 10x
Viewing Head
Articulated free Digital binocular head, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
Working Distance
Interpupillary Distance
Stage Plate
Double Layers Mechanical Stage 125x125mm
Stage Moving Range
Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Adjustable
LED 3V/1W with brightness control
Digital Camera
Built-in Digital Camera System, 1.30MP
Image System
High quality color digital image system shows live video on PC screen, Saving still images in JPG, BMP files Resolution:1280(H) *1024(V) CMOS Chip:1/2"
Image Process Software
Micro-image Process Software to preview, measure, compare, count, save & delete
USB Connection