Milton Instruments

Density determination is performed using the gravimetric measuring method by means of Archimedes principle (buoyancy method). Milton Density Meter contains Balance and a Kit. With few quick steps, Milton Density Meter displays direct results without any manual calculations. It measures density of Solid & Liquid samples including various chemicals, adhesives, Plastics, Polymers, Granules, Alloys, Metals, Precious metal stones like Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Gems & even Gold purity is measured in Karat.

Milton Density Meter

Specific Gravity/ Density Measuring Instrument Series 
[ 0.001 g/cm³ / 0.0001 g – 210g]

  • Advanced Weighing Technology
  • Determine samples of less than 1 Density also
  • User selection of number of optional
    applications like Solid, Liquid, Absorbent,
    Powder, Gold etc.
  • Optional Density Kit for Liquid, Granules &
    Powder testing
  • Metal Die cast housing base for better stability
  • Optional Wind Shield with front & top doors
Models MA213DK-S (Solid) MA213DK-SL (Liquid) MA213DK-SLAP
Capacity, g
210 g
210 g
210 g
Readability, g
0.001 g
0.001 g
0.001 g
Readability, g/cm³
0.001 g/cm³
0.001 g/cm³
0.001 g/cm³
Automatic with External Weight, Weight Optional
Large LCD display with white Backlight
Density Kit
Standard Kit for Solid samples only; Optional for Liquid, Granules etc.
Wind Shield
Full height folding type shield with front & top sliding doors, Optional
Built in RS232C for computer & printer connectivity
Unit Conversion, Optional for Liquid, Absorbent & Powder samples
Level Indicator
Inbuilt to maintain base leveling & precision
Below Measure
Inbuilt hook for below measure density determination
Power Supply
230V AC