Milton Instruments


Milton offers Digital, Biological and Stereo Microscopes. Our Microscopes are robust, easy to operate, equipped with good optics and above all they offer excellent price/ performance ratio.

Milton Digital and Biological Microscopes are suitable for Quality Assurance, Laboratories, Education and all other routine work in all areas of microscopy.

Our Digital and Biological Microscopes serve perfectly in various applications like Stained tissue sections in medicine, Unstained cells in phase contrast in medicine and biology, Plant stem cross sections in botany, Extremely fine structures like diatoms in dark field in biology, and Examination and analysis of germs and bacteria in field work.


Milton Stereo Microscopes are suitable for Biological and Industrial Routine tasks like Capture of biological specimens and material samples. These Microscopes deliver threedimensional images from overview to small details. These Stereo Microscopes are extremely versatile for validating surfaces, examining particles, assessing solder joints, artifacts, fibers, coatings, glass, textiles or, hair.

Milton Stereo Microscopes are also used in Gem and Jewellery Industry for Quality Control, Grading of Diamonds, Rough Stone Marking, Diamond Setting and Pave Diamond Setting. Dark field attachment with Iris diaphragm helps exact lighting control to enable viewing a crystal clear view of Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery.